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fuck u n neva eva tryna come back
shut the fuck up u piece of wrack
even though i smiled at u n let it go
u neva stop hatin untill u feel sorrow
i kno bitches like u neva gonna stop hatin
why u ain't gon' take ya shit n eatin it
for sure, 1day u gonna see
how deep n far u hurtin me
people say bad things bout u
i still keep u behind and defended u
how stupid i must supposed to be
when i always tryna smile to see
the good things in you, u can hear me say?
hate pussy bitch i'm gonna confess today
u can neva eva break me again
not into pieces of shit, u understand?
i ain't gonna have a hormony lesson
u fuckin bitch stop pretendin
as if u kno me right n kno what's good for me
i can just see hate in ya eyes u want me to be
one of those u treat them like shit before
i was hurtin cuz u always blame me for things
u stupid shit can't u smell it stinks?
my friends can smell this shit n they kno the truth
i'm not the one who give this fuck game up to u
n i'm not the one
who did it wrong
u asked some damn questions i couldn't tell
ur students dunno why u suffer them hell
today people have their own attitude
why u keep go straight n destroy it dude?
i'm not the only one who got pain under it
i kno there are people u can't deal with
not the first one but not the last one
just let it go bitch n it's done!
but u neva gonna stop
someone hurt u? u need to fuck up?
why u fuck me up, take a tea cup!
adults should kno how to handle with this
but u think u got a high status u ain't need it
but i'm gonna fight back n be tough
in the end u will see who can laugh
u say i can neva bring some shit down
i can neva make it on my own
why u say that bout me?i'm hurtin much but
i'm not the one fuckin with tricks like a slut
someday i know it i can make it thru
tell me then watchu gonna do?
i'm the only one who is being on the top of u
we all got everything now tell me please
why keep doin it n ain't live in peace...

10.1.07 18:13

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